One of our key factors of success is that we focus on our core business. With our solutions, we combine the IT infrastructure knowledge and experience expertise of our consultants and system engineers with the products and services of our partners. The benefit of this synergy for our customers is high-quality and technologically advanced complete one-stop solutions.




Microsoft is the world’s leading producer of standard software, services and solutions. These help people and companies of all sizes in all industry sectors to reach their full potential. In the development of all Microsoft products, the focus is on safety and reliability, innovation and integration as well as openness and interoperability.



As a Microsoft Cloud for Retail launch partner, K3 champions but one ideal: to foster an ethical and socially responsible world driven by sustainable practices. K3 blends its own intellectual property with third-party products to create platforms that are truly transformative and enable forward-thinking brands to unlock enduring value and trust from intelligent, agile and sustainable business practices. With purpose and pace, K3 will permanently transform fashion, apparel and select retail markets into a model of good business, transparency and ethical sustainability.



IBM is the technology and transformation partner for the joint development of IT solutions to match the challenges that companies have to face in today’s digital world. The portfolio of solutions includes a broad range of consulting, cloud and IT services with the related intelligent IT software and hardware infrastructures as well as financing.



Perfion is the market leader for a production information management solution that is 100% standardised. Perfion presents a great number of product variants and product parts and/or communication in many languages via multiple channels in a simple and uniform way.



Setlog GmbH is a provider of customized Supply Chain Management (SCM) solutions. The core product is the cloud-based SCM software OSCA® which is used by more than 150 brands in the fields of clothing, electronics, food, consumer goods and hardware. OSCA® enables networking of companies with their customers, suppliers and service providers in order to accelerate processes and optimally coordinate and efficiently manage supply chains.



NoseDat supports its customers to implement modern and integrative business intelligence solutions. The focus is on managing processes using KPIs, making communication across the various management levels transparent and, above all, improve work performance.



Since 2004, Secion enables its customers to create and convert business documents and send them fully automated, regardless of format and media, using Lasernet as a high performance input and output management system with form printout.



TrueCommerce is a data integration provider and, together with SPH, offers Managed Services solutions for EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) and B2B e-commerce, as integrated solutions directly from ERP such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 in the fashion industry. Over 1 million B2B connections are already realised worldwide via the TrueCommerce network in the areas of trade, logistics and manufacturing, among others. TrueCommerce provides the complete service for its customers from on-boarding to operation. The German subsidiary TrueCommerce is based in Ismaning near Munich and has been running the BTE Clearing-Center of the federal association of textile (BTE) for more than 20 years.



As a pioneer and world-leading manufacturer in the field of display technology, Sharp offers a comprehensive portfolio of hardware and software solutions for any kind of professional applications. Sharp products enhance communication, cooperation and the distribution of information.



CELUM is a manufacturer of a high-performance Digital Asset Management solution that orchestrates the development, support and distribution of all assets across all channels and thus presents a perfect component for the omnichannel strategy.



REZOLVE is one of the leading global E-Commerce specialists with a focus on technologies for transformation and support in the retail sector. With Rezolve, you can get in touch with the physical world instantly and get information or do your shopping with a single tap on your smartphone.


hachmeister + partner


The focus of activity is on strategy, processes and organisation – across all stages of the value chain. The team of management consultants provides objective advice and pursues its customers’ goals of sustained value enhancement and growth maximisation with expertise and sector-specific knowledge.

Roland Berger


Roland Berger, founded in 1967, is the only leading global consultancy of German heritage and European origin. With 2,400 employees working from 35 countries, they have successful operations in all major international markets. The consultancy is an independent partnership owned exclusively by 230 Partners.



operations+ is a German consultancy with international reach. They support companies in changing or growing – faster and with greater vigor. In addition to the holistic restructuring and reorganisation they have extensive expertise in the optimization of business processes, digitization as well as the implementation of ERP systems.

IFH ECC Club Köln


IFH Köln has inside access to provide information, research and consultancy on retail issues relevant to the digital era. Since 1929, IFH Köln has been the first port of call for dependable data, analysis and concepts to make companies successful and sustainable. Under the ECC Köln brand, the institute examines the future of retail: e.g. cross-channel management, mobile retail and payments.

STZ Lörrach


STZ exclusively focusses on Enterprise Resouce Planning. Apart from the theoretical work in the field of training and scientific teaching, STZ staff members are also operating in numerous software evaluations and implementations.


EHI Retail Institute


EHI is a scientific institute of the retail industry which focusses on research and exchange of experience between its 800 members. EHI supports young academic talents in the retail sector. Conferences and trade fairs with different focal themes ensure a constant exchange of knowledge between the members.



bevh stands for the future of retail and is a key contact for media, politics, institutions and market players. The association represents the interests of all retail companies that benefit from the opportunities of e-commerce for innovative business models. bevh promotes modern types of retail that use the internet as a core competence and ensures safe purchases on all channels.

Common Deutschland


With more than 200 members, COMMON Germany e.V. is the IBM user association in the German-speaking area. The association sees itself as the voice between the manufacturer IBM and the users. Service providers as well as user companies benefit from regular events that provide expert knowledge and practicable impulses from practical experience.

LDT Academy Fashion Management


LDT Academy Fashion Management Nagold is one of the most traditional fashion management academies in Germany with a well-functioning network in the industry that offers excellent career prospects. In addition to the practice-oriented full-time and dual studies in the areas of fashion management and textiles & shoes, LDT Nagold also offers study programmes abroad with international partners, which can be used to build on the LDT studies. Furthermore, students benefit from various further education courses, special study courses, workshops and seminars, professional courses, staff days and additional CCI qualifications.

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