The fashion industry is in a state of constant transition. Customer requirements change, trends come and go. How can fashion labels keep up and benefit from the changes?

Individual shopping experience and brand loyalty with Omnichannel
Growing globalisation of the competition doesn’t make it easy to stay on top of things. Various channels need to be supplied while at the same time customers tend to expect individual shopping experiences.
The aim is clear: To react quickly to shifting requirements and thus to strengthen customer and brand loyalty. By recording and analysing real-time customer data across all channels, this aim is achievable. The more touchpoints between fashion label and customer, the better the chances to gain valuable information. A cross-channel mix – flagship stores, franchise outlets, pop-up shops, shop-in-shop and online shopping – is the basis for a stable presence in the market.

Customer experience through personalisation
The key factor in an ever more competitive fashion industry is personalisation. Based on the recorded data from the different channels, companies are able to identify cross and upselling potential and offer their customers a convincing and consistent cross-channel experience. A comprehensive understanding of customer behaviour trends allows personalised sales campaigns and helps to improve brand loyalty on a long-term basis.

Analyse shopping behaviour and create forecasts through effective use of data
With the effective use of the available data volume in this omnichannel environment, businesses can achieve an enormous competitive advantage. By using an integrated business software with BI extensions, fashion companies can analyse their customers’ shopping behaviour, calculate forecast values and target customer segments.

How can the use of Business Intelligence help companies to optimise their channels, to improve customer retention and to increase sales?
With the help of an intelligent business software, companies can:

  • Gather valuable insights and reach their target customers.
  • Identify changing buying patterns and react quickly.
  • Conduct customer evaluation.
  • Generate real-time offers by integrating data from CRM and POS databases.
  • Reduce shopping cart abandonment by creating online service models.
  • Launch after-sales campaigns to increase recognition value and customer retention.
  • Improve customer satisfaction by optimising the returns management process.

Our long-term experience in a complex market has shown that intelligent technology is a key factor in the fashion industry. Co-operation with strong partners and a team of competent and dedicated experts ensures safety for your projects.
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