What exactly is the benefit of an integrated business software and how can it add value to your company? How can you optimise your Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)? There is nothing new about the fact that an integrated software system can contribute significantly to the success of a company. However, it is the efficiency of the functions that makes the difference.
Business software systems continue to grow in popularity at a rapid speed. They are undoubtedly a blessing for each company that wants to prevail over the competition in order to become market leader. The most effective way to add value to your company is to invest in your IT system. Some benefits:

1. Time saving
The need for quick and easily available information is a great challenge in a company’s day-to-day business. In order to be able to take key decisions and perform business processes efficiently, immediate access to all important information is essential. Business software systems improve the synchronisation of transactions and at the same time coordinate the workflow by prioritising the processes. This positive development does not only save valuable time, but also shortens important decision-making processes.

2. Increase in efficiency
Business software systems feature tools like management information systems, early warning models, decision support systems and reporting procedures. This improves business processes by taking into account the current requirements of your company and at the same time offering the potential of a continuous development and improvement of the processes.

3. Customer relationship management (CRM)
If customers don’t feel valued, they start looking around elsewhere. The key to success is customer service and flexibility. A business software system provides an in-depth view of all business relations and ensures prompt, informative and efficient communication with customers. The more information is made available, the better you can meet your customers’ requirements. This insight allows you to delete irrelevant data and replace it with up-to-date information obtained by the software system.

4. Increase in profit
The more customer-oriented you work, the higher your profit will be. The less you invest in products that don’t sell, the more money you save. A good business software enables you to reallocate products within one season to stores or sales channels where these products are in better demand – which reduces or avoids price discounts. Both sides – your customers and your company – will benefit from this strategy.

5. Cost savings
The aim of every budget is to reduce costs while retaining high quality and brand integrity. The use of PLM and business software systems for the fashion industry reduces costs through efficient planning of the supply chain and sales activities. Detailed real-time reports provide applicable information that helps to considerably shorten development time frames which means a substantial cost saving.

6. Improvement of business development
In order to be successful in an omnichannel environment, it is useful to synchronize all business data into one uniform system. An integrated business software system allows real-time access and adjustment of the supply chain, increase or decrease in inventories, modification of fashion lines in accordance with consumer trends, smooth introduction of new products and recalculation of costs.

7. Increase in productivity
Guesswork and speculation which products will sell best in which market are a thing of the past. The time saved can be used to implement new strategies, update inventories and plan new collections on the basis of your customers’ reactions. With an integrated business software system, you can increase your return on investment immediately.

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