Digital Fashion Days


Supply Chain

Focus topic Digitization of the supply chain

The DIGITAL FASHION DAYS – a congress for the textile and fashion industry. In 2022, we focus on the challenges of the Supply Chain. 14 experts present their insights and discuss solutions. In what way is the industry changing and how can companies do business in a more sustainable manner? Is product design changing? How will global supply chain be configured in future?

We are tackling the challenges. Our topic clusters on the Congress Day:

Supply Chain Digitalisation

As keynote speakers, we were able to gain Andreas Streubig (HUGO BOSS), Martin Schierer (MYTOYS GROUP) and Leslie Holden (The Digital Fashion Group). They will talk about the digitalisation of the entire value chain.

Supply Chain Cases

Angelika Schindler-Obenhaus (GERRY WEBER), Matthias Mey (mey), Dietmar Axt (DAXcon) and Eduard Vinokurov (SPH AG) will report on Supply Chain Cases, how important partnerships are, what opportunities the metaverse or digital product development offer and whether courage pays off.

Digital Fashion Solutions

In the third cluster, we will hear exciting insights on Customer Cases, new chances and opportunities for a digital Supply Chain.

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The partners of the congress

Exchange with experts

Detlef Beiter

The strategist and organiser

In his position as CEO of SPH AG, Detlef Beiter is responsible for the strategic positioning and the business growth of the company. With the DIGITAL FASHION DAYS, he creates a platform for inspiration and exchange with international experts.

Stefan Verra

Body language in management

The Highlight of the Congress Day

Stefan Verra is one of the most sought-after body language experts. 

Every year, he inspires over 100,000 people from Europe to the USA and China. His body language analyses are frequently published in major media publiziert: (ARD, Spiegel, ORF, …). At the DIGITAL FASHION DAYS, he will reveal his knowledge of body language in management.